Amelia Rae Eye candy


What does a girl have to possess to be labeled “eye-candy”? Is it her smile, her eyes or her perfect body? Or is it the way she moves when she walks or when she dances? Men are baffled about which is the right answer, and many believe it is a combination of all of them that turn a natural beauty into an absolute stunner. Some girls have it naturally, while others build it up over the years with the help of make-up and clothes. However, the most important thing is what such a delicate woman does with her amazing looks.


Being one of the most beautiful women in the world and sticking to a housewife role seems like a waste of good looks. For this reason, you will rarely see a charming lady far from the world of modeling. In fact, most of the girls that you see on the cover of the magazines and which are universally known as eye candy, have been recruited by fashion photographers from an early age. In just a few years they take advantage of their stunning looks and build a remarkable career in the industry.

Adult entertainment

Modeling requires a lot of photo shoots and media exposure. Some girls hate these aspects, so they tend to follow a career in adult entertainment instead. Whether they choose to work as escorts, call girls or porn stars, they end up gaining a fortune. This outcome is generated mostly by their charming good looks and their ability to flirt and seduce men in a blink of an eye.

Online call girl

Lately, a new job has emerged as favorite for the few wonderful women that can be classified as eye candy. The position is called online call girl and it requires nothing more from the precious model than to stand in front of a PC and chat with online clients. Men from all over the world tune in just to have a glance at these hot, sexy girls and most of them pay good money for erotic private shows.