Amelia Rae Generously repay your lady


Has your escort been acting up lately? Does she ignore your requests for dates? Is she always too busy to see you? If you have been noticing this type of behavior, it might be a clear sign that you have been mistreating her. Paid companions are delicate women who love to be pampered and adored. She is clearly sending signals that you have been neglecting these aspects. More than that, it might be that a more generous client has taken your role and now she prefers his company over yours. Here are just a few tips that will help you sort this situation fast and easy:

Everybody loves surprises

Many days have passed since your last date, and your favorite lady seems to avoid you at all costs. It might be something you said or something that you did. However, most likely it is something that you did not do. In the case of paid companions, you have not been generous enough in repaying her services. In the meantime, another guy has stepped in your shoes, and he is enjoying all of her incredible features instead of you. To repair this, you will have to surprise her with an unexpected meeting. Take her on a romantic date and treat her as if she was the most important thing in your life.

Double the usual tip

Now that you have taken her out of her seclusion and she is comfortable being around you again, it is time to step up your game. Sweep her off her feet with expensive gifts like jewelry, fashion-designed clothes or exotic cruises. This practice will show her that no man can take your place in her client list and that your company is worth more than anything else. At the end of your date, you should double the value of the usual tip just to prove to her that you are consistent and generous in every present you make